DCU40 Desk control unit

The DCU40 is a microprocessor based drop in panel designed to be operator interface together with an APC unit. (Application controller used together with ACV inverter or DCV converter).

The panel unit is connected to the APC unit by the Panel bus. The Panel bus is a serial bus for multidrop, based on   RS485 and designed for process communication.

The DCU40 contains 2x16 characters alphanumeric LCD display and 16 push buttons with light indications. The display can be divided into six fields of optional size, each field can contain trext or value. The presentation in the different fields of the display is controlled by logical signals from the control equipment. The DCU40 may have up to 240 different text strings. The texts to be presented on the display are preloaded to the memory of the DCU40 at delivery but it is possible to change and load any text string from the APC unit. The front panel is completely covered by a tightening membrane.